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Caveman Craig

Release: 2015
A unique strategy/RTS game set in a prehistoric world of dinosaurs and cavemen. Play as Craig and decide the fate of man as you hunt, gather, and prepare your way to victory! Demonstrate new skills to your cavemen so they can contribute to the survival of your people!

-Hilariously brutal battles of rock, spear, and claw! Rawr!
-Five conquest levels, with 35 unlockable special units, equipment & perks.
-Grokk-loads of secret unlocks to help you along the way, including some really stupid cheats!
-All the dinosaurs we love to fear! T-rexes, velociraptors, triceratops, walruses.. wait what?
-Lots of extra game-types, including custom games and survival mode.
-Share the experience with your mates – compare your stats with Steam leaderboards, or grab -a controller and play split screen co-op!
-An epic soundtrack by platinum selling composer, Ricky Garcia (LaFee, Jordan Rudess).
-Steam trading cards, leaderboards, cloud, achievements, statistics..
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