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Cat Goes Fishing

Release: 2015
Do you like fishing? Do you like cats? Do you like cats in funny hats? If you can say Yes to at least one of these questions, this is the game for you. Some websites label the genre of the game as sports in their Cat Goes Fishing reviews. Well, fishing is a sport. However, there is much more than that. By downloading the game, you receive interesting and detailed gameplay. You start at the shore, as a cat without even a hat, who has few primitive baits in his arsenal. There is a limited variety of fish at first, but they are easy to catch. Once you feel that you’ve learned how to catch all the fish in the world, spend the money from the fish you sold onto advanced rods, rockets, and bombs. After some time you will be able to go fishing on your own boat. You will see more species and will be able to earn more money.

The variety of fish extends with each new level you pass. There is always progress in the gameplay. Don’t be upset with catching small fish, just use it as a bait to catch the big one. After several first levels, you will be able to catch nice hats from the water. There are hats available in the shop, and you can exchange your catch to buy them. Be careful! Don’t allow bigger fish to eat or bite your catch. You will not sell it once it is spoiled. And you will need to sell more if you want new baits, hats or boats.

There are two modes in the game, Classic and Realistic. Cat Goes Fishing Realistic mode will help you to take a closer look at the fishes. You will need to build a strategy to catch the fish. In any case, the game is really addictive. You may even forget about the time passing while you are playing.
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