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Release: 2013
The crazy action-rpg-tower defense hybrid is crashing it’s way into your PSVR headset today!
Jump into the medieval action up-close with the enhanced visibilty of VR, and crush your opponents even more in stunning detail!

If you would like to experience the story, play the funny and heroic campaigns while commanding heroes and destroying the castles of your foes. Use the Ballista to vanquish enemies with different types of missiles like arrows, barrels and sheep!

If you like to create more than destroy, build up your castle to be indestructible, unlock rooms with special powers and abilities and place them strategically in the Castle Builder!

Your mettle can be tested right away if you go into 1v1 multiplayer and try out your constructions against other players!

Be the best builder, brawler, archer, warrior, strategist, hero in the realm and celebrate the glorious return of CastleStorm to Playstation with CastleStorm for PSVR!
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