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Release: 2017
Capsa combines exploration with a strong social component. It features a large, rich open-world that players can explore and discover together with other players and friends.

Ever-expanding character customization offers you the freedom to create something unique, expressing your personality and taste.
Expansive world provides the perfect landscape for hours of exploration. Capsa’s initial game world has been designed to submerse players in an exotic, beautiful south Pacific archipelago.
Evolving and ever-growing selection of customizable vehicles allow players to explore Capsa’s many trails, caves, and waterways.
Vibrant dance clubs provide the perfect venue for everyone to enjoy music while strutting their stuff on the dance-floor or just hanging out together.
Personalized homes can be claimed and decorated using the variety of options available.
Friendly pets tag along on every adventure and can be tailored to appeal to players tastes.
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