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Bob Was Hungry

Release: 2015
Bob Was Hungry is a challenging precision platformer with many levels designed to truly test your platforming skills.

Bobs have been scouring the universe for food for millions of years. For the most part, food had been plentiful and easy to acquire...planets made entirely of cheese were abundant, and finding one could leave a bob full for a lifetime. However, time has passed, and food has become scarce. Greedy bobs so carelessly ate two or three cheese planets at a time, and now cheese planets are as rare to find as a bob with a full stomach.

Bobs unable to stumble upon one of the last extremely rare cheese-havens were forced out into the unknown. Now they traverse as many planets as they can in hopes of finding a scrap of food to survive. Unfortunately, their trips are dangerous, and the planets are treacherous. Finding food is not like it used to be.

In Bob Was Hungry, you play as one of these bobs, and it is up to you to find the meal that will finally satisfy your bob's insatiable appetite.

Play alone, or play online with up to 8-player coop in four frantic multiplayer modes:

Co-op: Play with your friends and help one another make it to the end! Recommended for beginners.
“Shared death” co-op: Everyone has to make it to the end of each stage. If one person dies, everyone dies and has to start the stage over.
Competitive race: Race against your friends for the fastest time and the highest score.
Competitive survival race: Race against your friends, but you only get one life per stage!

Key Features:

2-8 player online cooperative and competitive modes
Online game modes include co-op, shared death co-op, competitive race, and competitive survival race
Challenging precision platforming
Over 170 levels set in 5 Unique Zones
38 Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards
Controller support
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