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Ben and Ed

Release: 2015
Ben and Ed is a 3D Jump&Run adventure, which takes place in an uncommon dystopian world. The player controls Ed the Zombie, who is forced to participate in a grotesque game showcalled "Rundead".Will he beat all obstaclesthe evil Showmaster confronts him with, to save his best friend Ben?

Liberate your best friend Ben, he really needs your help!

Lose your limbs, but that is ok, you're a zombie!

Survive deadly traps, well... you're dead anyway!

Defeat monstrous machines!

Throw your head to reach hidden locations and recover your body!

Jump, creep, slide, crawl... come on! Just reach the goal no matter in what condition!

Deadly, colourful obstacle courses filled with blades, hammers, spikes, dog food and chicken.

Chicken, chicken, chicken, CHICKEN and Chicken!

Ed - the participant
A few months ago, Ed won the „Candy Fun Marathon“ silver medal. Unfortunately he died a few minutes later from a heart attack. For more than 4 days nobody found his body, rotting in a nearby field. As fate willed and for reasons unknown, Ed became the first undead. For days he aimlessly wandered around, finally being found by a young boy named Ben.

Ben – the price
He is just a normal boy. Well, he never had any good friends, but is fine with this. Ben always liked to roam the ruins and bleak fields around his neighborhood, where he one day discovered something unbelievable. Ed, an undead, walking around the dreary landscape. Ben chummed up with Ed and started to feed his new friend meat and dead animals he found. This went well, until the Showmaster heard of Ed.

Hans Showmaster – The host
He is famous, rich, ruthless and the creator of countless successful Shows that brought joy and distraction to the poor population of a wasted, hopeless world. When he is informed about an undead, he creates a new format and abducts Ben to "persuade" Ed into his twisted new game show.
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