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Battle Mages

Release: 2003
Battle Mages is a courageous mix of the RTS and RPG in a huge fantasy world, full of mystery, mythical creatures, magic and knights honor.
Imagine as you have just graduated of an Imperial Magic School and now you have to face the trial of Battle Mages Guild completing the tasks in the Mage Towers all around the Internal World. Start your glorious adventure by fighting through the undead army to find the lost gnome artifact that can stop the imminent danger.
Your time is running out my friend! Challenge yourself and stop this bloody war! Let the magic be with you!


-Huge game world that lives its own life
-Dynamic quest system, that can change in every minute depending on your choices
-5 unique designed races each having strengths and weaknesses
-Original character leveling system with 45 spells, 6 stats for mage character and tens of special abilities
-Unique troops leveling and micro-control system
-Weather and season simulation, beautiful landscapes, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, canyons and even a sea island
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