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Basketball Hero-Freestyle 2 mobile 3on3 MOBA

Release: 2017
Basketball Never Stops! Basketball Hero is originally authorized by Freestyle2 and become the world's best 3on3 basketball games on mobile, experience real freestyle streetball MOBA with Hip Hop! A well-known sports games in over 70 countries and recommended by 5 countries in Southeast Asia.


-Show Skills in Freestyle Streetball
Show your freestyle skills in Basketball Hero. Activate your hip hop soul and equip yourself with countless skills, Drop Step, Fancy Crossover, Fadeaway Jumper & Power Windmill Dunk! Shatter the basket and defeat your opponent in the war of street!
-Pick-up in 2 Secs, Fight for MVP in 3 Mins
Quick match in 2 secs and grab the MVP in a 3 mins match. You can just play a round of Basketball Hero with your friends anytime and anywhere as you wish. Enjoy the real freestyle basketball, you are the next MVP!
-Build Star Club, Unlock Real Sport Career
Build club and create your own dynasty. Have you ever dreamed to be one of the champion team in NBA? Yes you do, and, you can realize your "fantasy" in Basketball Hero now. Hire best players and build star club to create legends!
-Immerse in Hip Hop, Be Unique, Rule the Court
Basketball on mobile has never looked this freestyle: fantastic court, trendy fashions, rhythmic BGM, sexy girls! You can find it all in Basketball Hero. Nothing is cooler than playing freestyle streetball with Hip Hop music.
-Virtual Joystick, Easy to Pick-up
Sensitive joystick assist you to move more freely and experience the most intense 3 on 3 sports game without barrier. Freedom is the only rule.
-Ladder System, Road to Champion
The skilled players can climb from bronze to challenger step by step at ladder mode in Basketball Hero. Nothing is better than becoming the MVP in ladder mode. Don't hesitate, it's time to create your own legend in Basketball Hero.
-Find Your Position and Dominate the Court
C, PF, SF, PG, SG, 5 positions are free to choose. Would you like to dig out your talent to win the MVP? Basketball Hero will meet your free soul. There is always a suitable position for you, come to be a streetball hero!
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