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Release: 2020
A fusion of roguelikes and auto-battlers like never before seen. Recruit a party of mysterious heroes, navigate deadly lands, collect an arsenal of magical items, and vanquish a new evil threatening the realm!


Party-Based Strategy: Select from a pool of unique heroes, each with skills which inspire vastly different strategies and customization. Position your heroes on the battlefield to influence the outcome of battle.
Explore Dynamic Terrain: Each playthrough provides a new journey, changing not only your path, but the bosses you must conquer. Freely move between 3 subareas in each act, rewarding those with the knowledge of where their party can flourish, and where it will falter.
Loot!: Collect ancient and magical items which augment your party's stats and abilities. Should your Wildmage be a glass cannon, or a front line bruiser? The decision is yours.

Early Access to Astronarch currently comes with:

10 Unique and mysterious heroes.
60+ Mystical items for your arsenal.
50+ Combat encounters, including 3 elites, and 3 boss fights.
15+ Intriguing map events to be discovered.
1 Act containing 3 subareas, each with different enemies and terrain.
All future content free of charge, with 2 more acts in development.
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