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Army General

Release: 2017
Army General is a turnbased strategy game that depicts the desert warfare in Northern Afrika and parts of the Mediterranean sea during World War II.
Fight back the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940 with the Desert Rats or advance to Suez with the Afrikakorps in 1941/42. Adjust your units to the challenges of each map by exchanging officers, equipment and subordinate units. Create your own maps and campaings for yourself or to share it with other players.

Main features

Detailed background maps as well as combat and movement animations
Highly customizable units that allow to form plenty of individual entities
More than 450 officers of ten nations, able to gain experience and evolve through battles
250 different equipments for land, air and sea combat such as tanks, bombers and battleships
Different support units that are subordinate to the main unit and differ for nations and unit types
Editor to create your own scenarios and campaigns
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