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Arms Dealer

Release: 2015
Arms Dealer is a strategy game set in the year 2025. The player has just inherited a semi legal weapons smuggling business from a father he hardly knew.

Thrust into a fascinating and dangerous world of international intrigue, massive wealth, powerful weapons, bigger than life personalities and the ever present looming possibility of prison or death. Your inheritance consists of $10 million dollars, a high tech untraceable laptop, and a single friendly connection to show you the ropes.

You must work fast to restore the family empire to it’s greatness before the competition or the agencies can move in and crush you. You must be cunning, confident, persuasive and always one step ahead.

As you prove your competence and build lasting relationships you will gain access to the “excess” weapon stores of the 10 biggest weapon suppliers in the world. You will then be able to smuggle these weapons to consumers who are unable to acquire them through official channels due to politics, embargoes, or a lack of infrastructure. If this doesn’t prove profitable enough for you you may consider meddling in international geopolitics by employing a private agency that your father once used. A successful entrepreneur shouldn’t dismiss the idea of instigating a civil war or armed conflict in the name of pursuing greater profits.

Of course, these actions will no doubt draw the attention of the various law enforcement agencies who makes it their mission to track down smugglers like yourself and competing arms dealers. Before you can worry about the competition, you need to handle the law.

To avoid the authorities you can bribe cargo captains and pilots to hide your wares amongst their shipments of food, disaster relief supplies and industrial goods. Alternatively, once you have built a healthy reserve of cash you can enter the world of private fleet ownership. Barges, various cargo aircraft, even submarines can all be had for the right price if you know the right people. These vehicles will allow you to choose your own destinations and schedules, although it is only a matter of time before these vehicles are tied to ongoing investigations.

Opposing arms dealers are constantly battling you for access to the best and most profitable weapon supplies around the globe. Sometimes things get out of hand and friendly competition turns to sabotage, theft and collusion. Tampering with the engines on your rivals ships is one thing, hiring pirates is another. Do you dare take it all the way and work with one of your enemies, the agencies, to take down your rival for good? You will need to balance all of these factors when deciding on your strategy for becoming the more successful than your legendary father.

You are now an Arms Dealer and everything that comes with it.
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