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Amazing Escape: Mouse Maze

Release: 2014
Run as fast as you can to help a mouse named Mousey eat all of the cheese before the cats eat him!

Amazing Escape is PacMan meets Spy Mouse. Mousey needs your help to guide him through mazes filled with hungry cats and challenging puzzles. See if you can help Mousey the mouse solve all of the puzzles and eat all of the cheese.

- Fun and addicting gameplay similar to PacMan and Spy Mouse with challenging puzzles
- Challenging mazes with switches, gates, doors, and other fun elements
- Awesome power-ups to give you the edge over the hungry cats
- Many exciting levels with more levels on the way
- Science Lab location, with a House and Winter location coming soon
- Simple controls, just swipe anywhere on the screen the direction you want the mouse to go
- Universal support that looks and plays great on both phones and tablets
- Unlockable characters
- Fun for all ages
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