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Amazeness - Survive the maze

Release: 2015
In the maze of Amazeness you do not have to find the way out, but you have to use your skills and quick reflexes to finish increasingly difficult paths. Challenge your friends to beat your score!

- Drag your character to change direction
- Dodge obstacles
- Collect as many coins as possible to achieve the highest score
- Use your ingenuity and alertness
- Use power-ups to overcome the most difficult passages
- Avoid power-downs

- Touch and drag
- Achievements to reach to score points
- Minimalistic and colorful design
- Original sounds
- Increasingly more challenging and complex paths
- Dynamic and fun interactions

Will you be able to persevere in the amazing mysteries of the labyrinth of Amazeness? If you're smart enough, you will reach a level where no one else has ever been able to get to!
Warning: once you enter the maze, you will not want to get out of it... Enjoy!
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