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Release: 2019
Build your hero!
Your journey must always start somewhere! Travelers from the world around are welcome in Alluris! There are 8 unlockable races and 14 unlockable backstories to choose from! Every backstory has it's own unique introduction quest and challenges!

Find Animal Friends!
There are loads of animals you can find on your adventure out there. Some of them might even want to join you on your travels. You may have to ask nicely though

Fight Bosses!
"Beware travelers! Not all monsters on your quest will be friendly. Some may even be out to eat you. This worm keeps on eating all the travelers I send out to the Dunes! But I'm sure you'll do better. I mean, if you don't I'm not that worried. I'll just stand in this tavern and keep sending more travelers. It's got to work at some point"

Unlocks Everywhere!
Unlocks are all around the world of Alluris! Good luck unlocking them all! With every new unlock you receive new modifiers, quests, and even zones to explore!
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