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Airship Asunder

Release: 2016
Airship Asunder gives you command of a steampunk airship, tasked with building settlements and seeking your fortune among the ruins of a dying land. Will you stand above the chaos and save what remains of our precious flat earth, or will it be torn asunder?
Captain your vessel and fly the skies of adventure! Establish new colonies, build mighty empires, search for ancient relics, use powerful magic spells and battle evil forces on your quest to defeat the Pirate King!
Taking game play and visual inspiration from the exploration and adventure of classic games such as Seven Cities of Gold, Ultima IV, Civilization, M.U.L.E. and Intellivision’s Utopia, Airship Asunder mixes a blend of retro-style graphics into a single palette, with a nod to the nostalgic days of adventure gaming.

-Single or Multiplayer: Client-server supported online action!
-Time-Based Gameplay: A unique blend of action and board gaming.
-Rogue-Like Colonization: Explore the wilds and build to survive.
-Progression: Gain levels, collect relics, and command huge vessels!
-Procedural Terrain: Each game is a completely different map.
-Mod Support: Add your own encounters or remake the experience!
-Easy Localization: All text files are external and easily accessible.
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