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AdventureQuest 3D

Release: 2016
Cross Platform
Annihilate beasts on your computer or mobile! You can log in from a different devices and continue your adventures where you left off!

Real Time Combat
No need to wait your turn. Make combat decisions on the fly. Combo skills and make every second count!

Ever Expanding World
Explore the lively lands of "Lore" which are always expanding with new exciting environments!

Randomly Generated Dungeons
Dungeons wont be identical when revisited. You will have a new experience each time you run a dungeon.

Random Events
You never know when or what may happen in the world of "Lore". Dragons could swoop down, the undead may rise, or there could be an Easter egg hunt.

Summon Friends
Teleport friends to your location and sidekick their level to yours! Now you can raid a dungeon together!

Travel Form
Transform into all sorts of beasts to get around faster or in style.

Chat & Emotes
Do a /victory emote when you slay the dungeon boss. Use /theforce to levitate your weapon or just /chilout under a tree. There's a ton of emotes for you to use.

Great weapons and armors don't come easy. Obtain rare materials to craft the best gear!

Cinematic Cutscenes
Plain text boxes get boring. Experience the story through animated cutscenes!
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