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A Gummy's Life

Release: 2017
Warning! In A Gummy’s Life, gummies have come to life… And they are unmanageable!
They have invaded the city, they are all around: in the football stadium, the park, the fortress, the fair… even on the flan.
Their non-stop free-for-all fights gain people’s attention because of their jellied funny movements, but their blows are solid and well-aimed. Due to their ingenuity, they convert the elements of the landscape into insurmountable obstacles. They seemed so sweet!
Choose your favorite gummy among a great variety, customize it to your taste and enjoy playing and laughing with your friends or your family. Attack! Only one can remain.


- Local multiplayer up to 16 players!
- Easy to play, hard to master.
- Full controller support ...even your gamecube's one.
- Crazy fights based on physic simulations.
- Gummies!!
- For all ages, play with your granny!
- Choose between many gummies!
- Tons of levels to play with different game style and mechanics.
- Did we say Gummies?!
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