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a Family of Grave Diggers

Release: 2016
Mindoki rejuvenates the rogue-like genre with easy to use gameplay, permanent upgrades and Schrödinger map generation in this fully moddable, action paced, semi turn based game, a Family of Grave Diggers!
Never get frustrated again in this revival of the classic rogue like genre, come have fun in a never ending story of fighting, upgrading and discovering!
Fight your way down dungeons, battle the ancient malevolent doom, free the village of the wizard, secure the alchemist in the forbidden forest, survive the dangers that gets thicker and thicker as further you go...
Unlock shopkeepers, new dungeons and even add your own content to this fully moddable modern Rogue-like!
Come be part of the family, the family of Grave Diggers!


- 3D graphics with a modern, easy to use, user interface
- Semi turnbased gameplay for quick acting and long tactical pauses at will
- Schrödinger map generation, which is the brainchild of Mindoki Games, for more fun! No more one entry and one exit in small map-rooms leading one to another, no, this map grows in an organic fashion, creating a multitude of branches as you are exploring!
- Permanent dungeons and quests like the Wizards tower or a tower defence quest.
- Lots of fun for countless hours!
- Upgrade your village shops with new items to beat the hardest dungeons!
- Highly moddable, just dive in and design your own items and adventures (and much much more!)
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